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Double Arm Medical Equipment Abdominal Cavity Electronic Surgical Pendant

Short Description:

The lifting of electronic surgical pendant is driven by electricity, which is faster, safer and more reliable.

With double rotating room, the movement range is larger. It will have a better access to the patient.

The length of the rotating arm and the gas outlets , electrical sockets is customized available.

Add exhaust gas and nitrogen oxide interface, which can be upgraded to anesthesia medical pendant.

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What’s the Surgical Pendant?

Surgical Pendant is an essential gas supply medical equipment in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for terminal transfer of oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, nitrogen and other medical gases in the operating room. It is safe and reliable to control the lifting of the equipment platform by the motor; meanwhile, it could rotated to related position according to the surgery's request.

Technical Parameter

1.Pendant Applicative Area: Surgical Room/ Emergency Room/ICU/Recovery Room
2. Ceiling Mounted installed.Within 340°revolved,Adjustterminal box location,convience for medical staff operation.
3.The suspension arm is imported by high-strength aluminum alloy extrusion, surface designed by the first level oxidized rust prevention.
4.Friction brake + Pneumatic brake,adopted by German Standard Gas terminal(Insert and Pull more than 20,000 times.)
5. Provide multiple configure,make you satisfy.
6.Electrical up and down,precise positioning

Standard Configuration

Item  Parameter Mark
Rotary arm length  800mm or 1000mm Length is optional
Rotary radius  ≥750mm  
Net loading capacity  ≥180kg  
Equipment shelves loading capacity  ≥60kg  
standard configuration  O2*1 ,Air*1,Vac*1,socket*6,tray*2, drawer*1 Standard optional
 Level degrees rotation  ≤340 º  
 Terminal box ≤340 º  
Box length ≥700mm Length is optional

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