LED Surgical Light Introduction

LED surgical lamp-1

LED surgical lamp is a necessary lighting device in modern operating room, and it has a good shadowless effect in large operations such as brain surgery and thoracic surgery. The reason for these effects is mainly due to the illuminance characteristics of shadowless lamps.

LED surgical lights are an indispensable device for illuminating surgical field, requiring clear observation of objects at different depths and contrasts in the incision. Since the doctor's head, hands, and instruments may cause shadows on the surgical field during surgery, the shadowless light is required to eliminate shadows and reduce color distortion to a low level.

At present, the light sources used in operating lights are mainly incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED lamps. The life of LED surgical lamps is 50 times that of traditional halogen lamps, and the energy consumption is about 0.7 times that of conventional light sources. Therefore, LED surgery shadowless lights will greatly enhance the level of medical lighting.

There are two ways to produce LED surgery lights: One is to use monochromatic light to excite the phosphor to emit light of other colors, and to mix it into white light, that is, single chip type; The second is to seal several chips with different light colors to form a white-emitting LED, that is, multi-chip type.

Post time: Jun-23-2022