Operating table work system introduction

Operating table

As the key and important medical equipment in modern medical activities, OR table installation and usage attracts much attention. And its working system has important influence on medical activities and is therefore of comparative concern.

Hydraulic system has those features of compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, smooth control, easy installation and overall layout. Hydraulic system includes fuel tank, check valve, solenoid valve, relief valve, capsule accumulator, pressure gauge, throttle valve and cylinder. Capsule accumulator can be used as a power source for storing pressure oil and releasing energy when needed. According to the pressure gauge to achieve automatic compensation of pressure. The motors are driven independently by their respective drives. The surgical table is equipped with a hand controller for performing various motion controls.

Each electric surgery table parameter is controlled by microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected to the hydraulic and motor actuators via a control drive section. Hydraulic and motor actuators are used to complete the various movements, including forward/backward tilt, lateral tilt, height adjustment, longitudinal movement, etc. The use of microprocessor design can simplify the circuit design, greatly reduce the line failure point, and ensure the reliability of the operation table.

Post time: Jun-16-2022