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Suction system (passive) is divided into three major components; negative regulator part, the dirt collection part suction tube section.

Negative regulator part includes: Vacuum gauge, control valve, plug valve seepage, etc, which is the body part of inhaler, requires vacuum gauge indicates accurate, adjustable hand wheel adjustment freely, not micro-seepage drain valve.

Dirt collection part mainly includes: Security set liquid bottle, and anti-suck back device ,requirements: suction tubes are sealing, anti-suck back devices are sensitive and reliable.

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What’s the Vacuum Regulator?

Vacuum Regulator, also known as suction bottle, is used in wards, mainly for medical drainage, sputum discharge, blood discharge and secretion, etc. The vacuum working principle is used to generate negative pressure in the cavity to guide the liquid in the cavity to achieve the purpose of sewage and purification. It is divided into two types: split type and integrated type.

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What is the principle of use?

Because oxygen and nitrogen are widely used, Oxygen Concentrators are also widely used in the national economy. Especially used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, national defense and other industries.


Our advantages of Vacuum Regulator?

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