Vacuum Suction Regulator With Suction Bottle With Pressure Gauge for medical

Short Description:

Suction Regulator is composed of a pressure regulator, a liquid collection bottle, a hose, etc. There are two hose ports on the liquid collection bottle, one is connected to the negative pressure terminal and the other is connected to the working chamber. When the negative pressure terminal is turned on, negative air pressure will be generated in the liquid collection bottle, which will guide dirt (such as dirty blood, sputum, etc.) to flow into the liquid collection bottle from another hose. When the height of the liquid in the liquid collection bottle reaches a certain height, the stop valve on the liquid collection bottle cap will start to work to cut off the liquid flowing into the pipeline, thereby preventing the liquid in the liquid collection bottle from overflowing due to interference.

It is used in various clinical departments, mainly for medical drainage, expectoration, drainage of blood and secretions, etc.

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Medical Vacuum Regulator used for hospital wards , ICU rooms, Operation rooms on bed head unit, surgical pendants. It is designed with safety trap to prevent liquid back to regulator and hospital gas pipeline to make sure safety patient. Double sericity adjustable knob and on and off button.

Product Name
Wall Mounted Vacuum Regulator
Installation Type
Wall Mounted on Bed Head Unit
Chmetron / Ohmeda / DISS / DIN / BS standard quick connect adapters
Adjustable range
0-760mmHg / 0-260mmHg / 0-300mmHg
White or Yellow
Chromed brass body for oxygen flow meter
Gas Kinds

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Company Information:

Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd established in 1993, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of Medical Pendants, Operation Light, Operation Table and MGPS system, Turnkey Operating Room Project, Cleaning System of Operating room. In 2013, it established another company "Shanghai Etar Mechanical And Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd", which specifically exports Shanghai Zhenghua's all products to overseas.

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