Walled Suction Regulator Suction Jar Medical Vacuum Regulator With 1L/2L Suction Bottle

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vacuum regulator is a mechanism used to control and maintain a vacuum system’s desired vacuum pressure. The function of the regulator is to keep the vacuum of the draining system at a preset level by responding to fluctuating air admissions into the system. There are multiple kinds of vacuum regulators, but the mechanical vacuumregulators discussed here work on a principle of balanced force. They are used in a variety of applications and industries such as airflow control, pressure stabilization, industrial liquid flow optimization, pump control, altitude simulations, reservoir regulation, food product packaging, fuel cell efficiency, medical and dental equipment, HVAC equipment, laboratory and analytical instruments, flow meters, and dairy milking machinery.

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What’s the Endoscopy Pendant?

Vacuum Regulator, also known as suction bottle, is used in wards, mainly for medical drainage, sputum discharge, blood discharge and secretion, etc. The vacuum working principle is used to generate negative pressure in the cavity to guide the liquid in the cavity to achieve the purpose of sewage and purification. It is divided into two types: split type and integrated type.


1.Color coded high or low suction models

2.Supplied with vacuum regulator canister

3.Extensive connection option

4.Vacuum adjustment and separate on/off switch

5.Needle valve system for accurate vacuum adjustment


Vacuum Control

Needle valve control venturi

Pressure Gauge

360 Degree Rotate



Certificate Approved



Ohmeda, DISS , Chemetron, DIN, FS,BS


-1 kPa ~ -80 kPa

Maximum Suction

> 25 L / min

Source of Pressure

300 ~ 500 kPa

Vacuum Gauge Range

0 ~ -100 kPa / 0 ~ 760 mmHg



How does a vacuum regulator work?

A vacuum regulator controls pressure with inlet and outlet ports that let higher pressure air into or out of a system as needed. The regulator’s outgoing airflow has a lower pressure than the air being drawn into the vacuum pump. When the process vacuum’s pressure setting is reached, the vacuum regulator closes, blocking the extra flow of the vacuum supply line. If the pressure in the system is higher than desired, the valve opens, allowing airflow out. Vacuum breakers, another vacuum control device that will be discussed later, and regulators function under similar principles, the main difference being that a regulator does not allow air into a system’s process line and a vacuum breaker does.


What are advantages of vacuum regulators?

The advantages of vacuum regulators are as follows: they minimize the gas flow through a system, which can be beneficial where multiple processes share a common vacuum utility. They work to reduce gas flow, which helps pumps function, especially with oil-flooded or oil-sealed pumps. The minimized gas flow may also, depending on the pump specifics, minimize electrical energy consumption. Depending on the regulator’s design and sizing, it can exceptionally provide precise vacuum control.

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