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Ceiling Single Arm Endoscopy Pendant for Surgery

Short Description:

Endoscopy Pendant is a new type of practical medical auxiliary equipment with compact structure and reasonable design, commonly used in modern operating room. The electric lift fork can rotate 340 degrees in a certain diameter range so that the Pendant is available for the medical staff when lowered but has no impact on the work when elevated. Equipped with mechanical brake to prevent drift, The Pendant can be easily moved and fixed according to the requirements of the medical staff. The necessary medical gas, strong or weak electricity, and network output terminal are concentrated on the functional box of the table which can carry medical instrument of certain weight and is the ideal medical gas, power supply, and instrument platform workstation for the medical staff.

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What’s the Endoscopy Pendant?

Surgical Pendant is an essential gas supply medical equipment in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for terminal transfer of oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, nitrogen and other medical gases in the operating room. It is safe and reliable to control the lifting of the equipment platform by the motor; meanwhile, it could rotated to related position according to the surgery's request

Production Description

• Apply in operating room ,ICU room and hospital wards so on

• Ceiling, according to customer’s need of medical workplace. it’s possible to mount combination of any of two types of ceiling rotary pendant.

• Arms can rotation, rotation angle≤350 degree.

• Pendant Column dimension can customize.

• Can horizontal rotation, but cannot vertical lift.

• Brake way: damping friction brake to make sure without drifting and easy to stop, insure safe (standard configuration), customer can choose the pneumatic according to need.

Standard Configuration

                Item                 Parameter Mark
Rotary arm length  800mm or 1000mm Length is optional
Rotary radius  ≥750mm  
Net loading capacity  ≥180kg  
Equipment shelves loading capacity  ≥60kg  
standard configuration  O2*1 ,Air*1,Vac*1,socket*6,tray*2, drawer*1 Standard optional
 Level degrees rotation  ≤340 º  
 Terminal box ≤340 º  
Box length ≥700mm Length is optional

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